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What should I expect when working with Dave Cattle?

When Richmond Dinh came to me (Dave Cattle) in April of 2018, he was unfulfilled and unhappy. 
On the surface, things looked great. 
  • He was married to a beautiful woman. He had 2 wonderful kids. 
  • As a successful optometrist, he was making great money. 
  • His parents had put a lot of pressure on him to become a doctor, and he had! 
  • On all accounts, he seemed to be living the perfect life. 

But his life didn’t feel perfect. 

In fact…
Richmond felt downright miserable. 
He’d heard of me through my high profile work with Tony Robbins' #1 Coach and Trainer, Scott Harris.  
And when he saw I’d also worked directly with and for Brendon Burchard...

He had a gut feeling that I could help.

He was right

Because after just 6 months…

His business tripled. And his failing marriage turned into what most people would consider a dream marriage. 

Through the power of coaching, Richmond completely transformed his life.

Today, he is a: 

  • Entrepreneur, 
  • Millionaire investor, 
  • Speaker, 
  • Author, 
  • Coach, and...

    ...most importantly:
  • A fulfilled husband and father.

For a short while, Richmond tried working with several other more expensive coaches.

But those other coaches didn’t cut it.  So he came back to work with me.

Today, Richmond continues his coaching with me.
He is building a multiple 7-figure income...all while maintaining a loving relationship with his wife and two children.

Meet Richmond Dinh

“My sessions with Dave have literally changed my life, for the better. I have been reborn with a new mindset and conviction that has led me to making great choices for me!" 

- Julianne M.

If you’re here, you probably have a similar story to Richmond. 

Maybe you “look” successful on the surface…

But you don’t feel successful.

You know there’s something more out there for you. 
And you have a feeling I can help.

You’re right. I can.

In a moment, I’ll show you where you can go to apply for the highest level of access to me - a “full immersion” high-performance coaching experience. 

An experience that gives you: 
  • The most power
  • The greatest transformation
  • An intimate, 1:1 coaching journey...
    ...and SO much more!

But first, I need to let you know who this is not for.

Because my one-on-one coaching isn’t just for “whoever can afford it.” 
You’ve got to be open and coachable.
And you should be successful at least in some aspect of your life or business. 
You need to have a burning desire to do more...and to BE more. 
To become the person you dream of being. 

You don’t just want more money.  You also want: 

  • A better relationship with your significant other 
  • More family time and a bond with your children 
  • Better health 

    Along with…
  • A greater sense of overall satisfaction

"Dave lead me through my romantic relationship and found out my fears and why I am holding back. This made me courageous to step forward and break through my fears. Thanks Dave, these are such powerful sessions! "

- Wincy W.

Let me explain working together.

When you fill in your application to work with me, you’ll answer a comprehensive questionnaire. 

Then, we’ll connect on the phone, Zoom or Skype. 
I’ll set aside a full hour for you.
During that hour, I’ll challenge you. 

I want to understand: 

  • How open are you? 
  • What do you want to improve?
  • Why?
And most importantly: 
Would coaching work for you?
If the answer is YES, and you feel the same, we’ll set up weekly meetings. 
I have to warn you, though…
Inevitably, there’s always the guy or gal who says:
“I really love it...but I don’t want to meet weekly.
I don’t have the time.
Can we do once a month?”

The answer: If you want to shift and transform your life you have to show up for yourself!

We’ll need a regular weekly cadence to create your transformation. 
If you can’t make the time, then how will you ever improve and grow? 
And if you can’t take the time...how serious are you about this transformation anyway? 
At this highest level of immersion, I only want to serve those who are ready and coachable. 
And because I can only take on 10 one-on-one clients at a time…
I have to be VERY selective. 

"Working with Dave I have gained so many insights and I'm now making decisions that I've been avoiding or dancing around for years. Dave is second to none, the best of the best! "

- Tina L.

Do you qualify for exclusive 1 on 1 Coaching with one of the World’s Top 3 High-Performance Coaches?

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Yes, Dave! Please accept my application for your exclusive 1:1 coaching. 
I am ready and coachable...and I have BIG goals and dreams. 
I know there’s something more out there for me and I’m ready to take action. 
 Please help me transform!


 Click the “Apply” button now and fill out the questionnaire.👇 
 I look forward to connecting with you!

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