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What does an extraordinary life look like to you? Starting a business and growing it to a billion-dollar company? Winning at the Olympics? Improving the quality of your relationships? Ultimately an Extraordinary Life = Life on Your Terms.

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Richmond Dinh

“I rarely endorse people, but this man Dave Cattle is an exception. I have personally been coached by him and he has completely changed my personal and business life. He is one of the world’s BEST High Performance Coaches and this is an event you won’t want to miss.” - Richmond Dinh the Coaches Coach


"I owe Dave immeasurably and he has become a dear friend and confidant. Our most recent session was typically inspirational. Dave provides deep and unique perspectives. He challenges me in unexpected and inspirational ways every session." - Jim K

"Dave is such an incredible coach. He is always so present with me and encouraging and I feel very comfortable being vulnerable with him, which is a compliment in itself." - Colleen W.

"It has become all too apparent how important it is at this stage to have access to Dave in a regular cadence. I'm pumped and incredibly motivated to attack our sessions with optimism and energy." - James K.

"Dave lead me through my romantic relationship and found out my fears and why I am holding back. This made me courageous to step forward and break through my fears. Thanks Dave, these are such powerful sessions! "
- Wincy W

Joe Macri

"Dave helped me identify the areas of growth I needed. He gave me structure, frameworks and exercises that elevated my base and changed my life"


"I am feeling quite fortunate having Dave as my coach. His style is easy and encouraging and focused. I sometimes rant and get on some rabbit trail and unfocused, he seems to easily cut to the chase and wrap up what I was going on about with a concise recap that captures the essence and discards the rubbish. Yep, he keeps me on track, just what I need." - Tony K.

"Working with Dave I have gained so many insights and I'm now making decisions that I've been avoiding or dancing around for years. Dave is second to none, the best of the best!"- Tina L.

"Working with Dave I've discovered more about myself and who I want to become. He has given me more CLARITY!!! I love and admire the energy and expertise Dave brings to the table. I hope one day I can achieve that type of energy, expertise and outlook in life." - Billy W.


Scott Lee

"The biggest result I've had: I got my confidence back. I am Scott Lee, and I love me, I matter! Dave is amazing and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone who wants to grow their life and move towards where they want to be. "


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