High Performance Group Coaching

Join an intimate group of peers and take your life to the next level.

This is a world class 12 month program created to take you to heightened and sustained levels of performance and potential in your life. These monthly sessions will take you deep and help you find your clarity, step forward with courage, and achieve with consistency.

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Exclusive 1 on 1 Coaching

Create more, do more, achieve more, have more, give more and get more done.

If you are looking to seriously build momentum and achieve outstanding results FAST, this is the program for you. This deep, intimate, fully immersive and exclusive 1 on 1 work with Dave will help you gain your best results quicker, faster, better!

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High Performance Fundamentals

Currently in Production: Pre-purchase this 6 week online program at 50% off the release price. 

Rated by clients as one of the Top 3 Coaches in the world, Dave will teach you powerful strategies and daily practices for "HOW TO" integrate the core competencies of High Performance in all that you do.

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High Performance Mastery

Currently in Production: Pre-purchase this 6 week online program at 50% off the release price.

Having worked directly with Brendon Burchard, Dave will teach you the 6 Pillars of High Performance and elevate you to the Mastery levels on your high performance journey. It's the perfect follow on from the "fundamentals" program.

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Money Mastery

Wealth is a mindset way before it appears in your bank account

Over 6 modules Dave will challenge your attitude, mindset and behaviours towards wealth creation. Using tools, exercises and frameworks Dave will help you reposition your financial identity, change your money story and achieve Money Mastery.

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Success Mastery

This 12 month program is going to take your Success to a whole new level.

Dave will challenge many areas of your life including your relationships, career, personal life, well-being and health. Covering everything from the fundamentals to advanced concepts, over 12 months Dave will help you achieve Success Mastery.

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Inner Circle Mastermind

If you're reading this then you know that a Mastermind is the fastest way to get to your next level...

This is a game changing group of like minded individuals all working together to elevate their game - to have a greater impact, make more money, gain more freedom, and achieve the life you've always dreamed of.

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