The Most Important Question You Can Ask Yourself, According to World-Class High Performance Coach Dave Cattle

When it comes to personal growth, questions are powerful tools.

Quality questions create a quality life.

And there is ONE QUESTION that transcends all other questions.
ONE QUESTION above them all.
A question that will always cut to the chase and capture the essence of your life.
No other question can tell you where you are right now, in every aspect of your life.
But this question does it:  

Are You Happy?

Ask yourself that question.
  • Do you feel happy? 
  • Are you satisfied with your career?
  • Your relationships?
  • Your marriage?
  • Your health?
  • Your money?
  • Your life? 

Are you where you want to be...

...or is there something more out there for you?

Maybe you're dealing with tough issues right now.
Or you're starting something new, and you're not sure which way to go. You need some direction.
Or maybe you feel that you are running out of time...but you're afraid to make a change.
You want to make an impact on the world. To reach your goals. To give your business the best chance for success. You want better relationships. You want to be happy.

That's where I come in.


My name is Dave Cattle, and I'm what's called a

"Certified High Performance Coach." 

I'll tell you more about that in a moment, but first, here's what my coaching students have said about me: 
"Best of the best."
"An incredible coach."
"A game-changer!"
Because I'm passionate, interested and approachable.
I'm honest, authentic and open.
I've been told I exude high levels of positive energy.
And when you get coaching with me...
Breakthroughs happen.
Breakthroughs like making decisions you've been avoiding for the last three years.
Or realising you can do anything you want to - so long as you don't do everything. 
Breakthroughs in business, like going from $100K to $300K in 6 months...while protecting other areas in your life that you hold dear.
And , breakthroughs in your relationships like taking a marriage from a 3/ a 9/10. 
Those are all results from my coaching clients, by the way. 

How did I learn to do this? I learned it by doing it myself.

See, growing up, my parents did the very best they could. I wasn't left wanting in the material sense.
But I had an internal void when it comes to true love & connection. 
So while my home and family looked ideal...behind closed doors, it was a different story. 
As an adult, I built a successful corporate career.
Again, everything looked good on the outside. But on the inside, I felt empty. 
To mask my internal pain, I turned to habituation - and not the good type. 
I struggled with my identity and with my relationship to love. 
I struggled to find a purpose.
I suffered for decades.
Then, I made a decision. I decided the life I was living was not the life I wanted.

I made a choice that shaped my destiny: 

I invested in myself. I invested in the power of coaching. I did the deep work. 
And I transformed my life.
I moved from a life of fear, fatigue and frustration... a life of freedom, flexibility and fun. 
Since then, I've been blessed and privileged to work with and around some of the industry's biggest names. 
People like:
  • Tony Robbins,

  • Scott Harris,

  • Brendon Burchard,

  • Dean Graziosi,

  • Robin Sharma,

  • Roger Love,

  • Jay Abrahams, 

    ....and many more.
I've worked directly for the world's #1 High Performance Expert, Brendon Burchard, as well as Tony Robbins' #1 Coach and Trainer, Scott Harris.
And in that capacity, I've coached thousands of individuals who wanted more in their lives.

Clients who have consistently rated me as “Top 3 in the World.” 

Which is where you come in.

✔ Are you starting a new business, or trying to scale one? 

✔ Are you working through tough issues - like a relationship that no longer serves you?

✔ Are you feeling stuck in some way, or just feel like there's something bigger out there for you?

Are you ready to level up?

I can help.

My coaching will give you:

Deep and unique perspectives

A space to be vulnerable so that you can grow

Encouragement in your personal quest, whatever it may be

That extra guided push you need to take the next step

I rarely endorse people, but this man Dave Cattle is an exception. I have personally been coached by him and he has completely changed my personal and business life. He is one of the world’s BEST High Performance Coaches.” - Richmond Dinh, Coach, Speaker, Author, Millionaire Investor and Entrepreneur

And you'll get the systems, strategies and support for a major change in your career, health, personal life or relationships.

Most importantly, I will not let you off the hook. 
I will challenge you in unexpected ways. And you will get the highest value a person can get for any investment:
The achievement of your goals. And, along with them, your happiness.
I've coached thousands of people around the world. 
  • Business owners.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Parents.
  • World-class athletes.
  • Artists.
  • C-Suite Executives. 
And I've helped them bring their goals and dreams to life. 
Now, I want to help you on your journey. To help you feel fulfilled and passionate about your life.

Here is how: 

There are two ways to work with me.
1. High Performance Group Coaching 
2. Exclusive one on one Coaching.
One on one coaching is limited for two reasons. 
The first is obvious. You've probably already guessed it: my time! We're all limited to the same 24 hours in a day. 
The other is less obvious. It's "drive." 
I will only work with driven individuals and businesses. Those who are committed enough to stay the course. 
I'll only work with you if you’re willing to do the work and build momentum.
If you want to achieve outstanding results FAST. 
I’m driven, and I need to know you are too.

"My business went from 100K to 300K in 6 months...and my marriage went from a 3/10 to a 9/10" - Withheld


But there's a second option too...

My High Performance Group Coaching allows me to give you the training and support you need to level up.
To create the life you deserve. 
To re-invent your health and relationships.
And to achieve your goals faster.
It's also incredibly affordable.
I've invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on my growth and development. 
But I won't charge you anywhere near that for coaching. 
I have private clients who pay $250,000, but you won’t pay that.  
Most of my 1:1 clients don't even pay a quarter of that, which would be $62,500.
And they have all gotten immense value by working with me. 
I can't put a price on "saved my marriage," but to most people, going from $100,000 to $300,000 is pretty significant.
As is hitting $10,000,000 next year, and making an impact on the world. 
As a High Performance group coaching member, you get all of the value...all of the training...

All of the coaching for MUCH less.

This is a difficult time period for many people, and I get that.

I believe it's a time to serve.

Which is why I've slashed my prices to allow as many people into this empowering, loving & supportive community as possible.

Right now, for a limited time, you can transform your life for just $294/mo, or $2,999/year. 

And because the Australian Dollar isn't as strong as it once was...
Some of you are about to get your hands on this life-changing membership for less than the cost of that daily latte you used to live on. 
And guess what? 
This will work for you way better than caffeine, guaranteed 😉 
You can check the exchange rate on Google by searching, 
"294 AUD in USD" for US Dollar.
"294 AUD in CAD" for Canadian Dollar.
"294 AUD in Euro" for Euros
...and so on. 
Either way you look at it? This is a complete no-brainer. 
And when the economy rebounds and the price goes up...
You'll be grandfathered in to this low rate for life.
And you'll come out on the other side feeling inspired. Confident. Bold. Clear and optimistic. 
You'll be empowered with a new sense of purpose and focus. And you'll make powerful decisions. 
You will experience tremendous growth and a new level of high performance in your life. For less than you used to pay for coffee.

Make your selection below.

Select $294/mth, or save 15% when you pay $2,999 up-front for the year!

Group Coaching - MONTHLY PLAN



  • Cancel Anytime 
  • Monthly Live Coaching Call plus access to the recordings in your Members area
  • Exclusive Access to the Private Facebook Community where Dave will continue to cheer you on and challenge you
  • Bonus: Follow up Audio Files from Dave each month

Group Coaching - ANNUAL PLAN



Incredible Value!

  • Monthly Live Coaching Call plus access to the recordings in your Members area
  • Exclusive Access to the Private Facebook Community where Dave will continue to cheer you on and challenge you
  • Bonus: Follow up Audio Files from Dave each month

"Dave is an excellent coach. He has helped me to increase my energy level significantly and to find my voice. My sessions with Dave are invaluable to me." -  Marchessa A.

Right now, whether you realize it or not, you have a choice. 

You can choose to do nothing. To ignore this page. 
But at what cost? 
Doing nothing guarantees only one thing: that 12 months from now, everything will be the same as it is now.

Are you willing to accept that, or do you want something more?

Make a decision. Take that first step. Take advantage of my offer. Let me guide you. 


12 months from now, you'll look in the mirror and see a new person.

The person you've always wanted to be.

Welcome to the new you. 

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